5 Steps to a Complete Marketing Plan

5 Steps to a Complete Marketing Plan Why is a marketing plan important? We?ve all heard the adage ?If you fail to plan, plan to fail,? right?  Well, when it comes to your business the saying applies.    According to research by the Small Business Administration (SBA) about 30% of businesses fail in the first 2

Understanding Self-Employment Tax

Understanding Self-Employment Tax   Ah, self-employment tax?? Something that many business owners have to deal with if they are lucky enough to be profitable but have very little understanding of what it is or why they must pay it.? Consider this your crash course on self-employment tax, what it is, and what it costs. What

Why Should I Care About My Business Entity Type?

Why Should I Care About My Business Entity Type? So you?ve decided to strike out and pursue the American Dream and start your own business, congratulations!? Before you get started though, there are some things to consider about the entity you choose and how the decision will affect your life down the road. ?Choosing the

How to annoy your accountant/bookkeeper

Not providing enough details on Transactions It is so common for business owners to give the accountant a receipt from Wal-Mart and expect them to instantly figure out if that purchase was for marketing, food or office supplies. Accountants can

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