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We only want to work with businesses who want to grow.  It is essential you have the tools, numbers and resources to make that happen. Hopefully, we can have a little fun along the way!  Accounting is serious business, but it doesn’t have to be like going to the dentist for a root canal!


We have heard time and time again that communication is often an issue with your accountants!  We hear you! It’s likely that we will reach out to you more often than you reach out to us.  We’re needy that way.


We see it all the time; you’ve paid for reports that are only seen when it’s tax time, if at all.  We’re adamant you will get your reports on the schedule you pay for, even if we have to clone ourselves to make it happen! Wait, that’s actually not a bad idea…


Neither snow, heat, nor natural disasters prevent our team from getting work done! We are a virtual firm, ensuring taxes are filed on time, books are kept on schedule, and meetings happen as promised!  We’re an amazing team in person, but we shine virtually, as well!

Everyone Knows a Bad Accountant

The problem in our industry is that anyone can call themselves an accountant or bookkeeper regardless of their training or education, with the exception of some very specific certifications. Every one of our clients has a horror story or two to tell us.

From complete lack of communication to simply not providing the services paid for, the list goes on and never ceases to surprise us. Our client’s are some of bravest people we know because, despite horrible experiences, they’re giving it another try and trusting that we will be their answer!

All agree that they stayed with their previous providers too long. Change is hard, but we do our best help you transition as smoothly as possible

Here’s what’s stopping you

  • You don’t think about it until it’s “too late”
  • No one likes confrontation
  • It takes time you may not feel you have
  • You worry you might lose information in the transition
  • It may cost more than what you’re paying now
  • You’re just used to things they way they are

“I have been using Pixel Financial for my business for two years. They have been doing my personal taxes for 4 years. I can’t think of two better professionals to work with than Misty and Nichole. Their thoroughness and professionalism is why I’ve recommended them to as many people that I can…”

- Andy Sutter, Freedom Boat Club, President

This accounting firm should have a day fully devoted to it in celebration for how amazing they are to their clients. I didn’t know working with a CPA could be easy, stress free, and dare I say, fun. Misty is doing great things to help me and my business and I couldn’t be more grateful for her and this company.

-Dr. Ainsley Flynn, Hendon Family Chiropractic, President

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10 things to consider when choosing An Accountant

Looking for a new accountant (or your first accountant) can be scary; there is a lot to consider, and it can feel overwhelming. Have no fear, Pixel is here! We put together an easy, fairly comprehensive list of things you can look for while doing your research.

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Sometimes we write these to educate. Sometimes we write these to vent. Either way, these are filled with great information that sometimes makes accounting sound like an action movie!

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What We Do

Don’t try this at home folks! We’re what you call Experts.

Business Accounting

Turn your jacked-up hot mess into a masterpiece compiled by expert accountants. Packages include software, CMAs and CPAs that review and consult on your business. All for one flat monthly or quarterly fee.


Need Alice to go down a rabbit hole with you, planning and strategizing business growth? Or maybe you need the Wizard to keep you out of tax trouble? If so, our consulting packages are right for you! Monthly and quarterly packages available that include accounting software and tools, all for a flat fee.


Skip the headaches of annual tax flings! Have them done by our tax ninjas with pricing flexibility to fit your budget.

Tax Resolution

Do you feel like the Big Bad Wolf (IRS) is trying to blow your house down? We promise it isn’t, and we can make sure your house is built of bricks.