Land a Job in 5 Easy Steps

by Nichole Payne

Our office plays host to more than one company, and we, as business owners interact with a LOT of other business owners. One topic that seems to be a sticking point for many of us business owners is finding, hiring and keeping good staff. 2009, when I graduated with my degree in accounting, was a VERY bad time to job hunt in the accounting / finance field. So I know, it can be really hard to find a job in any job market. It is tiring, and frustrating, and competitive.

That said here are a few tips for landing a decent job:

1) Read the Job Listing

Most employers take time to be specific about the job requirements, qualifications and purview. Our company includes specific instructions for applicants embedded in the the body of the listing. These are VERY important for you to read, understand and respond to.

2) Proof Your Resume

Be absolutely sure the resume you submit contains proper grammar usage. I will typically let one mistake slide, but two or more and that application is rejected. Your resume is intended to be a reflection of who you are, so if it is sloppy an employer will assume that you are sloppy. Sloppy isn’t generally a good quality in a potential hire. Sloppy costs companies money.

3) Take the Interview

Show up to your scheduled and confirmed interview, and be on time! If you aren’t going to come interview have the courtesy to call and cancel. We understand sometimes things happen, if an emergency comes up call and let the interviewer know, more often than not if you are a strong candidate they will be flexible with rescheduling. Being on time for your interview means 5-10 minutes early is appropriate, do not show up earlier than that as it becomes awkward having you sit in the reception area, especially when there are other interviews happening. 1 minute late for the scheduled start time also means you are getting a strike against you, and it is hard to redeem yourself, unless you have called 5-10 minutes ahead to let the interviewer know you are a few minutes late.

4) Dress Appropriately

Again, the way you dress for your interview is a reflection of who you are. Dress appropriately for your interview. If you aren’t sure what is considered appropriate you can ask, or assume Business Professional, or “Sunday Best” if in an office environment. A good rule of thumb is “Dress for the job you want.”

5) Follow Up

While this isn’t always necessary, it may be the point that tips the scales in your favor. A follow up email OR phone call lets the interviewer know you really are committed to the process. It is becoming a forgotten courtesy, but when a candidate follows up with our office after an interview it tends to shine more favorably on them than other candidates.

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