Terms and Conditions

Below are the terms and conditions that Pixel Financial Group LLC withholds to it self and its clients at anytime Pixel Financial Group performs work, does business with, for any company, non-profit, organization, or individual(s).

Definition of Names:

Pixel Financial Group LLC shall herein be known as PFG.

Any client that Pixel Financial Group LLC does business with shall be herein known as CLIENT.

Privacy Policy:

PFG values CLIENT privacy and collects business and personal confidential information in order to perform accounting services. Confidential information may include, but not limited to: (i) ?Contact Data? (such as your name, address, city, state, zip code, phone number, and email address); (ii) ?Financial Data? (such as credit card numbers, expiration dates, verification codes, and bank statements); (iii) ?Demographic Data? (such as zip code and sex); and (iv) other ?Legal Data? (such as federal employer identification number, social security number, mortgage information, automobile information, marital information, trade secrets, inventions, and idea submissions and other sensitive information necessary to generate legal documents); (v) ?Login Information? (for the use of accessing company/personal bank accounts)

PFG strives to safeguard all CLIENT data in person and digitally. PFG implements physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information collected. Unfortunately, no data transmission -in person, digital or other means- is guaranteed to be 100% secure and PFG therefore cannot guarantee the security of information you transmit to PFG via Applications, Emails, Credit Card Processing, Payroll processing and so forth with PFG services. CLIENT provides information to PFG their own risk. ACCORDINGLY, PFG DISCLAIMS LIABILITY FOR THE THEFT, LOSS, OR INTERCEPTION OF, OR UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS OR DAMAGE TO, YOUR CLIENT OR COMMUNICATIONS BY EMAIL, WEBSITES, FILE SHARING, APPLICATIONS, AND PFG SERVICES. YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU UNDERSTAND AND ASSUME THESE RISKS.

Use of information:

PFG will not release private information. However, PFG may use general situations, within reason, for educational and marketing examples without using specific names, dates, locations, and exact numbers.

Fee adjustments:

PFG reserves the right to change and pricing/fees billed to the CLIENT if the CLIENT:

  1. Does not disclose all accounts (bank, debts, credit cards, etc.)
  2. Does not provide accurate or complete information to any part of the business.
  3. Does not disclose ANY information that does not provide a full understand or clear/accurate picture of the accounting and business situation.
  4. Work is more then the amount described by the client.

Right to Data and records:

CLIENT has the right to their data and records at any time. PFG shall return requested data and records within a timely manner and no later than one month. PFG will hold copies of any data and records for up to 5 years. Afterward PFG may destroy data and records.


If the client wishes to cancel it must be in email to admin@pixelfg.com or written letter to 2006 Old Greenbrier Rd #10, Chesapeake, VA 23320 within 30 days of cancellation. PFG reserves the right to cancel at any time for any reason without explanation. PFG will cancel accounts that perform unethical or illegal practices.


CLIENT must submit information within a timely manner. Missed deadlines because CLIENT provides late information that might harm and/or incurs fees of any kind will be at no fault to PFG.


No refunds are given on work that is bill/invoiced to CLIENT and all invoices and amounts owed are final.

Neglect of Advice:

PFG will not be held accountable of any damages incurred if CLIENT chooses contrary to professional advice given by PFG staff, contractors, or representatives.

Late/Unpaid Payments & Services:

Any payment, fee, bill or invoice that remains unpaid beyond 45 days is referred to as a LATE INVOICE(S). PFG will notify by email and phone to the CLIENT when invoices or payments qualify as a LATE INVOICE(S). PFG reserve the right to charge penalties, interest, collection and late fees on LATE INVOICE(S). PFG reserve the right to require certified checks or money orders on LATE INVOICE(S). PFG may at anytime submit LATE INVOICE(S) to collections and/or notify any and all credit bureaus of any LATE INVOICE(S).  PFG shall charge interest on LATE INVOICE(S) as noted in the section labeled ?LATE INVOICE(S) Interest Table.? Client agrees to pay all costs of collection, including collection agency fees, court costs and attorney and legal and travel fees incurred pursuing any LATE INVOICE(S). If the client refuses to pay PFG reserves the right to cancel services and agreements at no fault to PFG. Any missed deadlines for unpaid PFG invoices are not at the fault of PFG.

LATE INVOICE(S) Interest Table:

Past 45 Days 0% + $35 fee which becomes the new invoice amount from this point.
Past 60 Days 5% + $35 fee which becomes the new invoice amount. Payment must be paid by certified check or money order beyond this point.
Past 75 Days 15% + $100 fee which becomes the new invoice amount from this point.
Credit bureaus are notified.
Past 90 Days 15% + $100 fee which becomes the new invoice amount from this point.
Payment is turned over to collections.
Past 120 Days PFG reserve the right to sue the CLIENT at CLIENT?s expense; including all, legal, court, travel, meal cost and other damages that PFG sees fit.