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Most of our clients come to us as what we affectionately refer to as “jacked-up hot messes.”

In general they have worked with other accountants or bookkeepers who are nowhere near as awesome as Pixel peeps. We are PASSIONATE about helping our clients grow, and the best way to make that happen is by providing accurate bookkeeping compiled by highly trained people and quality controlled by experts.

Know where your money went

Who can keep track of every penny they spend out of their bank all in their head? As hard as we try, we sure can’t, so why should you? Instead, accurate bookkeeping means you have a Profit and Loss (Income Statement) to tell you exactly what you spend your money on.

Know where your money is

A tricky thing about running a business is tracking all of your money at any given time. Having accurate bookkeeping means you have a Balance sheet that tells you exactly what money you have, and what accounts it is sitting in.

Know what your money is doing for you

Having an accurate Profit and Loss report means you can tell exactly how your money is working for you. You can see what makes you money and what costs you more than it is worth.

Don’t Risk
It All

Trusting the wrong hands with your books risks it all. Remember those jacked-up, hot messes we talked about? Usually those are a result of a business owner trusting the wrong individual to maintain their bookkeeping. Sometimes it is a result of their own sense of indestructibility, and deciding to do the books themselves. Other times it is because they hired someone who wasn’t properly vetted, who probably doesn’t know the difference between a debit and a credit.

Regardless, having the wrong hands in your books creates a mess, and leaves you without the crucial information necessary to make educated decisions about moving your company forward. No one likes making a bad investment simply because they didn’t have all the information.

What’s Holding
You Back

  • Cost
  • Embarrassment or Shame
  • Existing Relationships
  • Time
  • Feeling Overwhelmed
  • Not Understanding the Process
  • Uncertainty Value

“My wife and I have been on an incredible journey in business for over three decades, or so we thought. Little did we know that there was still so much to learn and achieve.

Enter the remarkable Misty Leinberger! She revealed the areas where we excelled and the ones where we needed guidance – optimizing profitability, ensuring compliance, and making informed decisions that promote sustainable growth.

Choosing to work with Misty Leinberger has been one of the best decisions we’ve made! 

Thank you, Misty, and your team, for your unwavering guidance and infinite patience. You’ve renewed the spark in our lives. We feel like we’re just getting started on this incredible journey. The sky’s the limit!”

- Dr. & Mrs. Adolph Brown, III

“I am so happy to have Pixel Financial Group supporting me in my accounting and bookkeeping needs. They have great tools, are very knowledgeable, professional and friendly. They are laser focused and great communicators. I plan to be with them for the life of my business and feel like it will be a BETTER business having worked with them.”

- Lisa Bey, Alkalicious Cold Pressed Juice Bar, Owner

“Wow – this is a technology-forward firm who helped us get our books/finances/taxes in order! Super easy to work with. Misty and Nichole are the best, so glad someone recommended them to me!

- Erica Pero, Pero Law, President

How We Can Help

Don’t try this at home folks! We’re what you call Experts.

Accuracy & Timeliness

We pride ourselves on accuracy and timeliness that way you always know where your numbers stand! Decisions are so much easier when you have a clear picture. Get out of the weeds and onto higher ground!

We Do The Heavy Lifting

While we do the heavy lifting in your books, this is a team effort and our process requires you to be involved. Don’t worry though, we know your income-producing time is precious, so we do our best to not be time-vampires.

Transparent Pricing

Never guess what your bill will be, once you select a package you only pay the flat rate specified in your service agreement.

Quarterly and monthly packages available starting at $142/month. It’s like you can see the future, and a happy checking account!


When it comes to value our package pricing packs a mean punch! All of our packages include basic bookkeeping, a Sharefile account – for secure storage of and access to all your important documents, Quickbooks Online so you can see your numbers on the go, Receipt Bank – a software so you don’t have to hold on to those paper receipts anymore, and LastPass encrypted password keeper – so you can get all those passwords out of your head into a secure place.

Scalable Packages

We designed a tiered pricing system so that our growth is directly tied to the growth of our clients! This also means that you have some flexibility in the services you want included. No more paying for things you don’t need, because really, who likes those pesky hidden charges (we’re looking at Internet Services Providers who insist you buy the Internet/Phone/TV bundle!)?

Stress Relief 

The stress of not knowing is a heavy burden. Let us take that off your shoulders, so you have the space to carry more important things, like a bunch of coconuts. We always approach our clients as if they are our students – yes this sometimes means some homework, but mostly it means we are here to help you understand, and teach you what you don’t know. Don’t be afraid to ask a question, because the only bad questions are the ones left unasked.

Download Your Free Guide

10 things to consider when choosing An Accountant

Looking for a new accountant (or your first accountant) can be scary; there is a lot to consider, and it can feel overwhelming. Have no fear, Pixel is here! We put together an easy, fairly comprehensive list of things you can look for while doing your research.

How To Get Started

Step One

Request your
free consultation

Meet with one of our Master Ninjas to talk about your business, tell us all your joyous or tear-stained history. This will give us a solid foundation for what package will work best for you. Once we have that you can put your electronic pen to paper.

Step Two

Kickoff Party

Jump onboard with Nichole who will walk you down to party central and get all your software needs covered. She will set you up with QBO, Receipt Bank and LastPass and show you all the accounting love you’ve been missing all your life.

Step Three

 Sit Back and Watch the Reports Roll In

Each month or quarter you will see those reports hit your inbox with the excitement of a fresh, hot cinnamon roll on Christmas morning. Just be sure you keep up with your homework (AKA Ask Client) so we don’t have to chase you down at tax time…we own hounds, they will find you!.

Bookkeeping Consulting FAQs

I just got started, when do I get my reports?

Depending on the state of your books when you come to us, and just how far back we have to go, you should receive your first set of reports within the first 90-days, if not sooner. If something crazy (like a world-wide pandemic, wait, not even that slowed this number factory…) is slowing us down, we will be sure to let you know. After that first set of reports rolls in you should see those babies hit your inbox each month (or quarter if you are on a quarterly plan), almost like it is on a calendar or something…

I need to switch banks. What do you need me to do?

First off, if you are asking BEFORE you switch banks, BRAVO! We applaud you! Switching banks from an accounting standpoint is relatively painless, particularly when we know before the switch happens. The hard part is when we find out months later…. Just let us know what bank you plan to shut down and where you are moving your accounts, we can guide you from there, as it is generally bank-specific.

How much time will I need to spend in the books each month (or quarter)?
With very few exceptions you don’t need to be in Quickbooks any more than you desperately want. We do, however, send homework (Ask Client) in a separate report that generally requires less than 30 minutes per month to review. The great thing about our process is that the more proactive you are (using Receipt Bank) the less ends up on that report for you to wrack your brain to remember what happened weeks (or months) ago.
How often will I hear from you guys?

This depends on how complicated your books are and how proactive you are (using Receipt Bank) to tell us info before we have to question you about it. It also depends on whether you are a monthly or quarterly client. We are in your books once per billing cycle, so if you are monthly that means you will hear from us each month, but sometimes we might reach out multiple times during that month. So don’t be surprised, or take out a restraining order, if you see us calling repetitively.