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It’s all fun and games until the Big Bad Wolf comes huffing and puffing and then things get serious very quickly.

Small business owners are very good at getting themselves into tax trouble because, well, they just don’t know what they don’t know. That’s why Pixel has a team of superheroes whose job is to save businesses from one tax disaster after another. These heroes have a high success rate in resolving these issues because they understand the system and the available remedies inside and out, as all good superheroes should. They make sure, through very thorough analysis, that they have a high level of confidence in a successful outcome before they put their clients through a long, and sometimes expensive, process.


It helps to get you into compliance moving forward while you also handle those past tax issues. Basically, it helps you learn to juggle those knives!

Reduce STress

It reduces your stress levels! Getting letters about taxes is never fun or relaxing! The process helps because you are now proactively doing something about it and it resolves the problem, in most cases. Unless putting you head in the sand is relaxing for you. Then do that…

So Much Less Mail

Once it’s all said and done, you get a lot less mail. When we say a lot we mean A LOT less mail. Seems like we might be saving some trees there…

Why Do You Need Help with Tax Resolution?

This is a complicated system! Think 3D puzzle while playing Twister! You will get rejections without understanding why. You may start a process that takes a massive amount of time and learn it’s not the right option. It’s frustrating when you don’t speak the language or have the knowledge set needed to work your way through. And once you’ve exhausted that all the way up to Appeals without help and are rejected, yet again, there is no one who can fix that. Not even our resolution specialists. Appeals is the end of a very long road and if it doesn’t resolve the issue in a manner satisfactory to you there are no do-overs once the appeals process is over. Unlike other rulings, you don’t get to appeal the decision of an appeal.

Here’s what’s stopping you

  • Lack of knowledge
  • Fear
  • Embarrassment
  • Cost
  • Not sure where to start
  • Time considerations

“Misty educates, listens, and takes action!! She helped me avoid paying an IRS fine, gave me free advice on setting up an LLC and won me over with her knowledge and caring attitude. I’m so lucky to know her.”

- Denise Sutton, Sutton Tullio Realty, Real Estate Broker

How We Can Help


We’ll help you overcome the fear by explaining the options and the process. We’re not scared of the IRS or the State and you shouldn’t be facing that alone!

We’re Trained

We get continuous training to help us stay on top of regulation and process and can help you navigate the process smoothly, like a warm knife through butter.

We Fix It Right The First Time

Because we understand the system, we will not get you involved in a process that has little chance of success and ultimately wastes your time, our time and your money. The overachievers in us want it done right the first time!


We can always find a way to help you resolve your tax issue because we understand what all of the options are and can find the option in which we have the highest level of confidence in its success, because, you know, that overachiever thing.

We’re Proactive

During this process we become your Power of Attorney and are able to represent you to the IRS. It also means that we get copies of all of those love letters. Usually, we have read and interpreted them before you have a chance to open your mail. How’s that for proactive?

We’ll Keep The IRS Away

Remember that POA we mentioned would be in place? It also means, once in place, the IRS has to come to us first. Yes, that’s right. You don’t have to worry about them knocking on your door. They MUST knock on ours!! Or ring the door bell because that’s what we have.

Download Your Free Guide

10 things to consider when choosing An Accountant

Looking for a new accountant (or your first accountant) can be scary; there is a lot to consider, and it can feel overwhelming. Have no fear, Pixel is here! We put together an easy, fairly comprehensive list of things you can look for while doing your research.

How To Get Started

Step One

Request your
free consultation

Call us and schedule a free one-hour consultation with a resolution ninja.

Step Two

Discuss Your

Provide your specialist with requested information so he/she can complete an analysis and determine what options are available to you.

Step Three

Sit Back &

Sit back and relax while your specialists works that magic. Maybe work on that new operatic singing skill.

Tax Resolution FAQs

How much does it cost?

It depends on what service (OIC, CNC, etc) will be provided. At a minimum, it will cost $250 for what we call the discovery process. This is where we collect data, analyze and even talk to the IRS or state to determine what is actually going on so that we can guide you appropriately. Once we decide on a course of action, we charge one flat fee per service process, not monthly fees until the process is done, as with many tax resolution companies.

Do you have a money-back guarantee?

No, while we do have a high level of confidence in the path we suggest in resolving your issues there are things that can happen that prevent the outcome we’re looking for. We also do not work contingently, meaning our fees are not based on the success of the process or as a percent of the amount saved by our clients.

How long does it take?

Again, it depends on what we’re trying to accomplish. It can take a week or it can take up to a year and half under normal circumstances.

What is expected out of me?

First and foremost, we need you to be honest with us in all things related to your tax issue. Also very important is your responsiveness when we need something in order to work the process. Follow all instructions given to you by your specialist. So, if they tell you not to take a big vacation and post it all over social media, don’t! Help us help you! While we charge a flat fee for our resolution services, we do it on a per process basis. So, if we’re in the middle of an OIC and it is rejected because you did not stay compliant, then the process can be started from the beginning, but it is a new process with a new fee, so it’s REALLY important to work with your specialist to remain compliant.

What if I have an idea of what I want done, but you don't think it's a good option?

Many people come in with a predetermined idea of what they want to do, but please know our job is to evaluate and explain all the options and their pros, cons, risks and costs. If we don’t have a high level of confidence in the success of the option you want to pursue, we will advice against it and provide alternates. Even when we have that high level of confidence, we can’t make any guarantees it’s going to be resolved exactly as planned.

What do you mean by "tax resolution specialist?"

In our office it means either a CPA or EA (enrolled agent) will be handling your service. This is important because there are only three types of professionals that are allowed to represent you to the IRS, and those are CPAs, EAs or even attorneys.