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Lets face it, taxes are not fun.

And most people would prefer to have a hole drilled in their head to preparing their own taxes. Here’s the good news: our CPA is delightful and more than happy to have that fun for you! Our process is streamlined to be as painless as possible.

Think Less

When you’ve done your taxes on time, and they are done right, you can stop thinking… about taxes, that is.

No Overpaying Taxes

“I like paying Uncle Sam too much money!” said no one, ever. When your taxes are done right you only pay what you actually owe.

Audit Stress

Because your taxes are done right, in the case of an audit you can tell the IRS, “Do your worst.” You’ll have nothing to hide.

What Are You Risking Without Us?

First of all, not everyone needs a professional doing their taxes every year. That would be great for us, but just being real!

However, if you own a business, rent property or even just sell you primary residence, you really do need an expert to help you! Rules can change from year to year and out of the box tax software often does not ask the right questions, or you don’t really understand what it is asking. This can lead to a lot of different problems from getting too much money back or not enough! Furthermore, having a relationship with a tax accountant who knows you and your taxes is important, especially when it comes to IRS or State nasty-grams and audits.

Here’s what’s stopping you

Cost, communication, bad prior experience, time, fear, embarrassment, box software making it look easier than it should, bad hair days, maybe your mother’s, brother’s boyfriend did taxes 20 years ago and now does yours…

  • You don’t think about it until it’s “too late”
  • No one likes confrontation
  • It takes time you may not feel you have
  • You worry you might lose information in the transition
  • It may cost more than what you’re paying now
  • You’re just used to things the way they are
“I’ve used Pixel Financial since starting my own business back in 2015. They have successfully prepared my taxes each year and I couldn’t be happier. As a military spouse with a husband who does not claim VA as his home of record, it was important to me to find a company able to manage both a small business and military pay. Thankful for their expertise!”
- Krista Cain, pawTree, Owner

“Misty educates, listens, and takes action!! She helped me avoid paying an IRS fine, gave me free advice on setting up an LLC and won me over with her knowledge and caring attitude. I’m so lucky to know her.”
- Denise Sutton, Sutton Tullio Realty, Real Estate Broker

What We Do

Don’t try this at home folks! We’re what you call Experts.


Doing taxes takes time, especially if you have to figure out what’s new every year. There are plenty of other constructive things you should be doing with that time, like learning to juggle knives, becoming a sharp-tongued wordsmith or sharpening your ax-throwing skills. Letting us do your taxes means you can finally check those more pressing activities off your to-do list!

Peace of Mind

It’s always a good thing to have an expert handle your taxes. Our tax people are experts at a lot of things, from karaoke to crocheting. In all seriousness, though, our tax people are highly trained and educated to make sure they know as much about a confusing and complicated tax structure as possible. They are brilliant at research, too! All this means you are gifted peace of mind, knowing your taxes are in capable hands.

Professional Partner

The IRS sends letters with strong language intended to worry you. With a tax professional in your corner you can stress less about receiving nasty-grams from the IRS or state. We can’t promise that you will never receive those letters, but when you do receive them you will already have a pro on-call to step into the ring for you.


There are very few times in life where 1 + 1 = 4, but those are a rare breed, and definitely don’t happen with taxes. In the eyes of the IRS (or state) 1 + 1 = 2, ALWAYS. We have experts in mathology who can make sure all your tax numbers crunch out to the correct solutions. Plus, we are like Santa, always making lists and checking them twice, or three times, or four, or …

Download Your Free Guide

Tax Prep Checklist

Every year the tax laws change just a little, so it's never a bad idea to take a look through a current tax organizer or check list. Not everything will apply to you, but in being thorough, there is less to be missed. Download our organizer to help you get your tax season off to the right start.

How To Get Started

Step One

Free Initial

Meet with our tax queen, Misty, and discuss your tax needs. During this meeting she will ask lots of generic questions, with a bunch of specific follow ups so she can get the best picture of what kind of “jacked-up hot-mess” your taxes might be. This is also a great time for you to feel out whether you will like working with her.

Step Two

Bring on the Documents

Each year we send out a tax organizer to help you figure out what documents we will need to provide complete and accurate tax returns. The first one is always the scariest, so we recommend taking little bites at a time. We have a secure portal for you to upload the documents directly to our office, so please don’t ever send your sensitive information via email! Once you give us the green light that all the documents are uploaded we will start working our magic and crunching the numbers behind the curtain.

Step Three

Sign on the
Dotted Line

Once we have the taxes completed to the best of our ability we send you an electronic copy to review. Look those babies over and make sure we didn’t fat-finger any important information. If you are satisfied that we have everything correct put your electronic pen to paper and we handle the rest!

Tax FAQs

How much is this going to cost me?

As is our answer in many areas, it depends! We try to build some flexibility into our pricing, so you first have to choose whether you want the full power of the CPA or do you just want someone to do your taxes for you. Often, Misty will let you know which she recommends. We try hard to keep more money in your pockets so if she doesn’t think you need full wizard powers, she will let you know!

How long does it take to get the taxes completed?

It depends (see!)! Generally, we tell people there is a two-week turnaround, but it can take less time depending on when you are ready to do your taxes. Clearly, it takes less time earlier in the season when there are fewer returns trickling in. We always clearly lay out our required deadlines in order to guarantee on-time filing, though, so you aren’t having to guess. If you miss those deadlines we still try to get you done on time, but we don’t make any promises.

How do I get you all of my stuff?

We are a fully electronic firm and clients never have to step a foot into our office if they don’t want to. No, we weren’t thinking, “pandemic!” We just know our client’s lives are busy AND we also wanted to make sure we could still work during a snow storm or hurricane. Who knew?!?! We do everything electronically, from giving you access to a client portal, where you can upload your tax documents and have access to your returns anywhere you have an internet connection, to having an electronic signature system so you can sign from the hygienic safety (or whatever) of your own phone, tablet or computer.