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Section 41 R&D Tax Credit

The Section 41 R&D Tax Credit is one of the most misused tax credits out there. Check out this video to discover what you should be looking out for if someone tells you that you qualify for this tax credit.

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Reading A Balance Sheet

Reading a balance sheet can be fairly confusing if you aren't used to it, or well versed in accounting. This video breaks it down into manageable bites so you can follow along and figure out what you are looking at.

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EBITDA…What the FAH?!?

This video is the love child of Pixel's commitment to educate our clients and our inability to take ourselves too seriously...We realize the average business owner doesn't speak #Accountantese, so this series is designed to help you become...

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10 things to consider when choosing An Accountant

Looking for a new accountant (or your first accountant) can be scary; there is a lot to consider, and it can feel overwhelming. Have no fear, Pixel is here! We put together an easy, fairly comprehensive list of things you can look for while doing your research.

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